Tournaments & Leagues

Laconia Country Club's active social life starts on the golf course!

At the club, we have leagues and tournaments for all of our members, regardless of ability.  We like to keep things interesting by mixing up the formats, playing partners and layouts.  It can be competitive or a great time to meet new friends.

Tuesday night, we have Ladies' Twilight League.  This is a non-competitive league focused on having fun and meeting new people.  Cocktail hour after this event is another highlight of the leauge.

Wednesday night is Men's Twilight League.  This is a semi-competitive leauge and an opportunity to meet new friends.  Substitutes are always in demand, in case you can't commit to a full season. 

A few of the great tournaments our members participate in are the 99, Difonzo's revenge on the members, the Red, White and Blue tournament honoring our Veterans, the Member-Member Pick, Club Championships, and our Mixed Scotch events.  The formats vary, golfers of any ability can find tournaments to participate and all tournaments end with delicious food and beverages.

Please join us for our 2nd Annual DiFonzo Memorial Scholarship Tournament to be held here at Laconia Country Club on Monday, September 30th.  Please use this form to register for the event.